Generating sets, Switchboards, Punping sets, Electric pumps, Air Compressors
GEMAP2 offers a wide range of products:
  • Portable generating from 0,75 to 20 KVA
  • Generating sets from 10 to 2000 KVA open, soundproof and into container
  • Manual and automatic switchboards;
  • Pumping sets;
  • Electric pumps;
  • Air compressors with internal combustion engines, diesel and electric.

All GEMAP2 generators are designed with the assistance of the most 'modern CAD ​​/ CAM 3D, tested in rehearsal rooms equipped for electrical measurements, temperature and duration. Finally, in an open area tests are performed to regulate noise.
We invite you to see on your PC, an example of CAD in three dimensions.


Here you can find the link to download the viewer and the CAD file of one of our project.

eDrawings Viewer (15,4 MB)

Gemap2 3D sample file (13,3 MB)